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Poricha pathiri

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Poricha pathiri z our traditinal dish in Kottayam..Its entirely different frm Malabar's Ney pathiri /Ney pathil

These pathiri's puffed up really well like our Poori,bt i tuk dis pic after 1hr ..."ll update  puffed poricha pathiri's pic soon..


Rice powder-1c
Coconut grated-1/2c
Shallots chopped-3/4
Oil-for frying


1 Boil water with coconut,choppd shallots,cumin and salt
2 When boils reduce the flame,and slowly add rice powder
3 Stir well for few seconds..Remove frm fire
4 Pour the contents in to a saucer,,kneed well to make a
5 Roll the prepared dough into a thick big pathiri. Cut out
   many small round pathiris from this using a lid or glass
   or any other round shape

6 Heat oil in a pan and deep fry these small pathiris till it
    turns slight brown colour on both sides.

Serve hot with chicken curry or any other spicy curry...

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