Saturday, August 17, 2013

Custard cookies

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Custard Cookies..

Got this recipe from Fauzias Kitchen Fun :) Yields approx 40 cookies, I'm started out with just half the amounts, had about 24 cookies


2 cups All purpose flour
1/2cup custard powder
1/2cup pure icing sugar
250g unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla essence

1 Bring the butter to room temperature. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C.
2 If you have a food processor, mix the butter with icing and vanilla. Process for a couple of minutes or until well 

   combined. You can use a hand-mixer.
3 Add the flour and custard. Pulse until JUST well combined. Do not over-process coz then your cookies won't 

   have a fine delicate crumbly texture.
4 Shape as desired and bake on greased trays!(180c for abt 12-15mins)

PS: I rolled teeny balls with my hands, placed them on the tray and flattened them slightly with a fork. Dip the fork in flour to avoid it sticking to the cookies

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  1. aah too tried the same, but with strawberry custard powder...

    1. "ll try it wit strawbery flavrd custard powder

  2. perfectly baked delicious cookies .

  3. Nannayittund tto.....Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  4. This sounds like a really tasty cookie idea. Hope to try and if a success, then also spread word on my parenting page at - inviting you and your fans to come check us out and share our parenting tidbits and tips, funny pictures and inspirational quotes: see you there!! :-)