Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Meat Surprise

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Meat Surprise :) Inspired from my friend Shareef's sister nichu :)


For filling--This masala filling  can be used for various snack items !

beef 1/2 kg-- [cooked with salt,Chilly powder-1/2tesp,turmeric -1/4tespn]  then mince it 
onion- 7 
green chilli -7[crushed]
ginger-garlic paste-3tbs
garam masala-1/2 tespn


In a pan with oil saute[medium flame] the onion till its soft l.then add rest of the ingredients one by one and finally minced beef..mix it well. now sprinkle garam masala and curry leaves & coriander leaves

For Dough:-

All purpose flour-1cup
Normal water-for kneading
Food color-a pinch(Optional)
Oil -for frying


Mix all the above ingredients and knead it well lyk chappathi dough
Then divide the dough in to two equal parts
In one part add food color and knead very well...and keep it aside

Divide plain dough to small balls n roll it to small pathiris
then place the filling in centre
fold sides to a box(Refer pic) n keep it aside

Then roll the colored dough.. n cut it to long strips...
arrange these strips on top of prepared box ,n gently press it with hands...
using cookies cutter cut colored dough in to diiferent shapes n stick it  to box

Then fry it in oil till golden brown color :)

 Sending this to  Virtual Eid Potluck Party 2013

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  1. very innovative idea...will make all celebrations even more special, parcels look yumm , will have to try this out with chickpeas, thanks for sharing this wonderful idea :-)

  2. nice idea...too innovative..will try it....