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Samoosa :)


For masala--This masala filling  can be used for various snack items !

beef 1/2 kg-- [cooked with salt,Chilly powder-1/2tesp,turmeric -1/4tespn]  then mince it 
onion- 7 
green chilli -7[crushed]
ginger-garlic paste-3tbs
garam masala-1/2 tespn

Oil-for frying samoosas


In a pan with oil saute[medium flame] the onion till its soft l.then add rest of the ingredients one by one and finally minced beef..mix it well. now sprinkle garam masala and curry leaves & coriander leaves

For Dough:-
All purpose flour-1c
Mix all these well n make soft dough lyk chappathi dough
Then make small balls frm this... roll it 
n make a cone shape n fill it with masalas n seal the edges...
Deep fry it in oil

Here i used ready made samoosa pastry :)


If u want oil free samosas,then preheat oven to 200c
Then bake it for 10-15 mins..
mine z baked samoosas :)

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  1. wow perfectly made samosas looks delicious and tempting me :)