Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ambalapuzha Paal payasam

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Got this super duper recipe from my dear friend Aquilin shihab  Its a must try recipe..every spoon z ofcourse guarante... 

Full Fat (long life) milk - 4 cups(I used Al Marai long lyf milk)
Sugar - 1 cup ( use the same cup of milk )
White Rice(Pachari) /Basmati Rice  - one hand full)


1.Wash and drain rice...,make sure you dry it back
2.Run the rice in grounding jar in mixie,just to break the rice into 2 , just 2-3 immediate pulse z enough
3.Take a good pressure cooker pour in milk and sugar and stir it using a wooden spoon
4.Add once hand full of rice( not more,only one hand full u must use ) into this and tight close the lid with
   the cooker weight fixed on
5.cook in a low flame for 35 minutes approximately
6.U must care that cooker must not whistle at all.Cooker must be quiet all around 35 minutes
7.After 35 minutes switch off the stove .
8.Leave it closed as long as you can...
9.When you open it you can see the orangy rose ..AMBALAPUZHA PAALPAYASAM...if you open it    

   immediately u will not get the rose color,but leaving it more time will increase the taste and turns the color
    to orangy rose

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