Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Bread Pudding

By on 11:18 PM

Got this yummy bread pudding from  Cookery show -Adukkala in Asianet...This z the first pudding that i've tried... Very simple n tasty too !


Milk Bread-6/7 slices
Chocolate paste(Nutella)/Strawberry jam-5tbspn
Condensed milk-1tin
Vanila essence-1/2tespn
Chopped badams/nuts/pistachio-little

  1. Cut the brown portion of the bread and apply chocolate paste/strawberry jam and keep it aside
  2. Add cornflour in  2 tbspn milk and keep it aside
  3. Mix milk+condensed milk…and wen it start to boil..reduce the flame..
  4. add Cornflour-milk mixture.Stir well..
  5. wen the mixture begins to thick and coat back of spoon remove from fire
  6. then add vanilla essence-1/2tespn
  7. Dip bread pieces in this milk mixture and arrange in a flat tray..
  8. then pour  milk mixture over dat
  9. then dippd bread…then milk mixture..
  10. On top pour the remaining milk mixture and add chopd nut/badams/pistachio
  11. Serve chilled

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  1. woww thats really simple and yummy looking pudding dear :)