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Badusha  z a north indian sweet usually prepared on Diwali' this recpe frm a fb page-Friends cookys.. "ll share d link soon !

baking powd.-1/2 tsp.
baking soda-a pinch
salt-a pinch
powderd sugar-1 tbsp.
Cardamom-1/4 tsp.
curd-1 tbsp.
water-to knead
oil-fr frying

water-1 cup
sugar-250 g

1 sieve maida,b.powd.,b.soda,powderd sugr n salt.
2 add ghee/bttr ,elaichi/cardomom,curd n crumble with hand.
3 pour water n knead into a the dough fr 30 min

 4 take lemon size balls of the dough,flatten with palm n press the middle wth thumb.

5 deep fry in oil n dip n sugar syrup till the next batch s ready.
6 remove frm syrup n serve hot or cool

Note:-fr the syrup boil the water wth sugr till 1 string consistency.
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