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Cake balls (No bake)

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Got this wonderful recpe from my dear friend sajina bishar...n for this i got Best presentation prize from her page...Its really yummy..its a must try item :)


1.Maida-1 cup
2.Sugar-1 cup
5.Baking powder-3/4 tsp
6.Vanilla essence-1 tespn


1 Clean your unniyappa chatti & dry it properly.
2 Find a proper lid for the unniyappa chatti & close it.
3 Find a steel container(charuvam) with lid which sits perfectly on top of the closed unniyappa chatti..
4 This structure should be perfect...else the cakes wont be baked properly...

For the batter:-

1 Sift flour with baking powder and keep it aside
2 Beat the eggs and butter yill fluffy.
3 Now add, sugar,vanilla essence & ...& blend till
   smooth paste..
4 Finally add flour+baking powder mixture...& mix well
   without anu lumbs
5 Keep aside this batter for 1 hour.

Cake Preparation

1 Fill the steel container with full water &  close its lid & keep it for boiling.
2 Once it starts boiling, place the unniyappa chatti on the stove properly & start heating in
   medium flame.
3 Once the unniyappa chatti is heated, reduce its flame.
4 Now start pouring the batter in each of its holes with a spoon(Don't fill the holes completely as the
    cake would rise up when baked..Filling half the hole would do)
5 After filling all the holes close the unniyappa chatti with a lid.
6 Now place the steel container with boiling water on top of this closed unniyappa chatti..& see to it
   that it doesn't fall...

(Be very careful during this process..the hot water might spill..catch the container with two hand towels & do the shifting)

6 Cook in very low flame..Let it bake for 5 mins & shift the steel container carefully & open the lid &
   check by inserting a small knife in the center of the cake..
7 If not cooked, keep all the equipments back in the same postion & wait for 2 more mins.
8 When its done, open up & toss the cakes out of the unniyappa chatti into a large bowl.
9 Just taste your first cake now...you'll get the feel...
10  Repeat this same process till the batter is finished..
11 Need not change the flame till the end & now you must have got the correct baking time..so you need
     not check..just take it out on that time..
12 Need not boil the water in the steel container also..only in  the beginning,....Just place it on top
13 Let the cakes cool, then only you can keep it in an air tight container..it will stay there for more than
    2 weeks..

bt am sure it "ll complte within hours !!!!!

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