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Bread Pudding in microwave

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Bread pudding in abt a 1minute Pudding...??? got this yummy recipe from here...This dish is a quick solution when we have an unwelcomed guest...Evey bite would be guaranteee...

  • 1 cup(2 Slices) Bread cubes
  • 1 Large egg
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1-2tblspoons chocolate chips,Kismis,,
  • 1 pinch Cinnamon powder
  • 1/2tespn Vanila Essence

Cooking Directions
  1. Put the bread in a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Whisk 2gether Egg,Milk.Sugar & vanila essence

3.Pour over the bread in the bowl
4.stirring gently to combine.
5.Stir in chips or dried fruit. And/or sprinkle with cinnamon, or nutmeg.

6.Microwave for 1 minute, uncovered
7.Check and see if it's still liquid. If it is, microwave in 30-second bursts, till pudding is cooked all the  
    way to the center; the very center can still look a bit uncooked, but it shouldn't be liquid
8.Remove from the microwave. 


If desired, drizzle with maple syrup or melted caramel or fudge sauce or... Serve warm; whipped cream or ice cream are always welcome.

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  1. hi there, reached here though a link from facebook. wow !!! and glad that i did. this is indeed a keeper recipe. happily following ur space. hope you will follow back too.