Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dates Coconut Balls

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Dates-Coconut Balls

  • 3/4c Dates
  • 1c+extra 2tbspn for rolling fresh coconut grated
  • few nuts/almonds
  • 2no cardamom powdered

Cooking Directions
  1. Soak dates in little water for abt 3mins or until it becomes soft
  2. Remove seed  n grind it to smooth paste
  3. add grated coconut and cardamom to this
  4. mix these well..
  5. take a small portion & roll the mixture to small balls
  6. Roll the balls in coconut..n garnish with nuts

 Place in the fridge to chill before eating.

For rolling u can use dessicated coconut,here i used fresh grated coconut !

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  1. Do you have a preference of Dates? I see so many brands available now a days, hard to know which are the better. Should I just go with the more expensive do you think?

    1. hai..no need..u can use normal one. no need to buy expensive one ! try it...its vry tasty & healthy too..plzz post ur tried pic in my FB page

  2. Very healthy sweet and love the presentation too.