Monday, July 8, 2013

Frozen Rice Puttu

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 Here is a quick Breakfast that you can make using leftover plain boiled rice from a previous meal

vrry veryyy Soft putttuuu.....Try it...I Promise u "ll nevr want 2 make d ordinary 1....Got this recipe frm my dear Safeera Itha :)


Cooked rice-21.2c
Grated cocnut-1/4c


1 Freeze coked rice for abt 5-6hrs(overni8)
2 After dat put the freezed rice in to water
3 Then each rice “ll seperate itself

4 Then squeeze excess water frm rice(At this tym rice is still frozen) and grind it in mixie,one or two pulse z 

5 After grinding, the mixture is lyk rice powder

6 Then add enough salt 
7 Now add a tablespoon full of grated coconut in the puttu maker and 
then add the rice flour..on top add tablespon of grated cocnut also

8 Close the lid and steam for 4-5minutes

Serve hot with any Spicy curry !

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  1. Good Idea...Thanks a ton....!

  2. good idea....thnx..:)

  3. hello..i tried your recipe but the rice became a paste after the pulsing in mixie..Am I doing something wrong.

    I kept the rice in freezer for overnight..washed with cold water and waited till it seperates. Cane you please tell me where I went wrong..thanks a lot for ur recipes!!!!!!!

    1. hai Rohini...wen the rice seprats.. u've to squeeze out water..n then grind it !!! i think u frgt the squeezing step..try it n lemme know :)