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Banana Jelly Pudding

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Banana-jelly pudding...Its really yummy & tasty :)
Got this recipe from my dear Friend Fajeeda Ashik of faji's hot pot


1 packet Biscuit (marie or digestive)
1packet Banana flavoured jelly
2 Sachets Dreamwhip powder
1 tin Nestle cream (banana flavurdr)
1 C Cold Milk
2 Chiquita Bananas
1/4 C Melted butter
10 grms Gelatine
1/4 to 1/2 tin Condensed milk
Nuts to garnish


1 Powder the biscuit and mix with melted butter and set this as a base in a pudding dish .
2.Keep this in the fridge for a while.
3.Make the jelly as per the instructions and set the jelly fully/partially  in a refrigerator
4.Now in a bowl add the dream whip powder and cold milk and beat till fluffy.
5.Add the banana flavored cream and beat well.
6 Add the condensed milk to the cream mixture.
7 Soak the gelatine in 4 tbsp water for 10 mins.
8.Double boil the gelatine and add this to the cream mixture
9 Now crush the set jelly with a fork.
10.Add the crushed jelly to the cream mixture well.
11.Now cut the bananas into round and keep the slice over the biscuit base.
12.Pour the cream jelly mixture over the bananas and set this in the fridge for couple of hours.
13.After the pudding is set garnish with nuts.
14 Slice and enjoy......

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