Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Caramel Custard

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Simple n Yummyyy Desert !!!!


Milk-1 1/4 cups
sugar-1/4cup(or more aco 2 u)
vanilla essence-1/2 tsp
sugar-2tbsp for making caramel


First boil the milk and keep it aside to cool down.

That time Beat 2 eggs well in a bowl with 1/4csugar , beat thoroughly (u can add more sugar if u wnt),After dat add the cooled milk into the egg mixture and mix well .

no need to beat dis time just mix well. finally add vanilla essence.

Nw take cake tin or anyother round shape vessel for steaming grease dat with ghee.kept it aside.

next is to prepare caramel,take a pan and add 2tbsp sugar with 1 tbsp water stirr continuously until  the sugar turns golden.careful dat dnt make too much brown colour dis il mmake the caramel to a
bitter taste.(the flame should be in a low mode).switch off the flame ,then pour this caramel to the cake tin and shake properly.

after that Pour the prepared milk mixture on the caramalised tin.wrap the cake tin with Aluminium foil paperand keep it in a  steamer.Add enough water to the steamer and let it boil thoroughly .

After putting the pudding mixture into the steamer,the flame must be very low.steam it for 30-40minutes or until the pudding is    completely cooked( u can check with a tooth pick, if it comes out clearly then its cooked properly)When its cooked well take the dish from the steamer let it cool down completely.

 keep it in the fridge for atleast for 1 hr.then invert it

serve chilled&enjoyyyyy

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  1. sooper custard,,made it n number of times :)