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Kuthu Appom/Dots appom

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This z d frist tym,am also hearing dis name !!! Dont knw abt u guys ;) Got this recpe frm a facebook cooking page..The name of Appoms varies frm place to place... as Vellayapom/Kallapom n all.. bt am sure this z not Kallapm/Vellapom,/Paalappom..The taste z entirely different !!


   White Rice/Pachari-1 cup
   Basmati Rice-1cup
   coconut grated-1/2 cup
cooked rice-1/2 cup
   water for grinding



1) wash the white rice and basmati rice and soak for
2) remove the soaked water , wash again and grind it using water to a thick paste. , just as we do 

     for appam.
3) once nicely grind, add cooked rice, coconut , sugar and little salt. grind again, to a fine paste.
4) there shouldnt be any grains, it should be a fine paste. add watre if needed, dont add too much

5) transfer to a bowl, add yeast to it and mix it very well. keep it aside undisturbed , for atleast 4 hrs...

    batter is ready.

after 4 hrs keep it fridge for later use...

6) Now heat a non stcik pan,i used appom chatti, pour a laddle of batter to pan, dont swirl, let it be as

    it is, close it wth a lid. (hres am jus swirled it )
dont turn . You can see dots appearing

Kuthu appams are ready aerve with cocnut milk,/chicken stew/Veg stew, / or any curry of ur choice

If u tried any of my recpes plz post ur tried pics in my facebook page lovefromkitchen....Silent readers atleast Comnt the post..dat u tried it !!! My effort becomes worth only seing ur tried pic !

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