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Steamed -Semolina/Rava Pudding

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Its an easy preparation, pleasant taste when sweetened & high versatility makes this fibre-rich ingredient very popular & special !!!....Taste z almost similar 2 caramel custard :)
I was inspired by this easy recipe from a facebook group-ammachide adukkala..


Semolina-2 1/2tbsp
Sugar-6 to 7 tbsp
Ghee-1 1/2 tbsp
Coconut(grated)-2 1/2 tbsp
Vanilla essence-1 tbsp

Caramel Syrup:-


1 take a pan and add 2tbsp sugar with 1 tbsp water stirr continuously until the sugar turns
golden.careful dat dnt make too much brown colour dis will make the caramel to a  

   bitter taste.
2 the flame should be in a sim mode.switch off the flame
3 then pour this caramel to the greased tin and shake properly.& keep it 


1 Take another pan then add milk , semolina , ghee , sugar then place it on flame.

2 Stir well & cook it until rava(semolina) is properly cooked & the mixture becomes thick.

3 After that keep it aside till the mixture comes to room temperature..

4 Mix eggs , grated coconut and vanilla essence in a blender.

5 Mix the semolina mix and egg mix properly and pour it in to the caramelised vessel and
   close it with a lid/Cover well using aluminium foil
6  Steam this  for about 45 mins.

7 When its done ,,,keep it in refrigerator to cool

8 then @ the tym of serving,Upside downnn

So a creamy mouthwatering pudding is ready !!!Enjoyyyy............

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